Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Monday

Comcast got both of my television sets working last night. I watched TV in the family room for the first time since November. What a wonderful world.

Now I just have a broken window and a broken dishwasher. And a yard hold.

Yep, they put the yard on hold at Plant Loco for the little problem. However engineering is fixing everything on their own with double sided tape. Hmmm. Guess they think it is not me this time.

Big Daddy joined China Eastern's frequent flyer program so he can use the lounge. Wonder how that is and if they have sit down toilets or squat holes in the floor. One thing I did notice I never saw alcohol of any kind offered on a domestic flight in China. Maybe they are afraid of the crazy wine. Big Daddy checked on the price of the wine the guy gave me and it is 800 rmb. At 15.00 US to 100 rmb, 120.00 US dollars for weird wine that makes you go crazy. Think I will restart that 50's craze of putting colored water in the very pretty bottle and putting it in the window. But I ain't drinking that shit.

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