Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Laughing my ass off

Don't know what the purple stuff is, gorgeous and more expensive than the calla lillies.

Calla lillies were about 75 cents a piece.

Bird of Paradise about 3 bucks each.

Apartment is full of flowers.

Recent experiences:

Saved by a Tibetan Yak herder falling up the stairs at Eme's. His hair was more styled and stylish than mine, he was glowing in products, he was singing Karaoke to a Canadian's Techno type music, and he waited outside the washroom to take me back down. Big Daddy missed all of this. The stairs are wooden slats, very narrow, with candles on the side. They go straight up. I have climbed straight up steel ladders in assembly plants that felt safer. But Eme did have a sit down toilet and a sink with running water. HooHaa. Not a place to where a long flowing skirt.

There is no OSHA here, to get to this divine establishment I had to walk under bamboo scaffolding. Always makes me pause. Except when they are welding on the sidewalk area. Then I skedaddle.

Bought a great piece of artwork, framed and signed poster as a very sassy lady, will post as possible when I have time to put down the artist and the information. All the Chinese ladies hated it( everyone gives you an opinion on everything, everywhere, every time) all the Chinese guys loved it. Italian artist with a Chinese theme who is now living in Paris.

Tried to buy some wine and sherry at the corner store in the French Concession. They do not understand nor do they speak English. How are these fucks going to serve the great unwashed non-Chinese speaking people for Expo 2010. I need to start a business with English language translations for the stupid fucks and I will help you get the options for the tourists. Of course all this is illegal, so I will need a China partner. Maybe the Yak herder.

Also, they do not recycle in China. They act like they do. They have 2 different containers. No one can tell you what goes into the containers. Then they dump both of the containers together and go somewhere else and sort it again. Then they combine all the containers into one big pile and dump them out of town. This is my new goal. To make them pretend to do more recycling. It should only take 5 people as that is the current meeting group for all things important. Such as WTF is wrong with this white bitch? Takes 5 people for any important decision such as who is going to ask her why she wants Evian. Does not she know this is called even water? And they don't recycle the plastic bottles. Grrr. They bring you a picture and then correct your pronunciation. Trust me, Tonic water is Tonee you asshole.

Tomorrow the joys of flying China Southern, or exercising on a 777 in coach. Jack Lalane had nothing on these people.

Hair is not good. Humid, drizzle, and very hazy weather.

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