Monday, April 5, 2010

Purple haze in Shanghai

Everyone is coughing and sneezing today. With the haze this evening am starting to wonder what is in the air. There is so much tearing up and re-constructing along with real new construction I am starting to think we should all be wearing masks just for the dust and junk in the air.

Big Daddy and I got manicures today. He was quite the unwilling character. First manicure and he says the hand massage was not good. Hmmm. We wandered and window shopped on Shaanxi road.

Tomorrow flying to Shenzhen, if the person has the tickets right, and another day at the Parkview hotel. Will try the gym this time. Gym here at the hotel is great.

Priced some furniture at the place close to our apartment. I don't think so and he was not a dealer. About 900 dollars US for 2 chairs and a table for next to the entry door.

More tomorrow, with pictures if I am successful with the camera transfer.

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