Thursday, April 22, 2010

yes, I have been loafing

Since returning to the US from China and again visiting New Orleans, I have been lazy. Well, first we were jet lagged. Then just exhausted and we had to repack all the shit to go to New Orleans. Then we got home again and have to repack again. It is all tiring.

So Just Random Snippets:

The Clampett luggage with out name on all 4 sides is a hit with the baggage people. Umm, how can I spot your bags? If there is a name on all 4 sides it is most likely ours.

Do not ever stay in a hotel if your room is on Bourbon Street unless you are a cop, FBI agent, Private eye, idiot, or just plain stupid. However, you will get to see every hooker, John (should that be capitalized?) and seller of contraband in the city. That is if you are awake all night like I was. That was because the noise was so loud Big Daddy and I could not talk to each other on the balcony.

My new Ann Taylor sweater pilled in one wearing and had to be returned. Not good Ann.

Hear Plant Loco is going down again for 2 more weeks before production can even start to begin on the new model.

New favorite is the Royal Sonesta on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Just stay in the back.

Least favorite is Delta Airlines. You can tell the planes and crew from the old NWA and yes, they are the worst of the worst. Have pity of us all at Detroit Metro.

Best meal was the Green Goddess in New Orleans followed by The Hill in Grosse Pointe.

Gotta pack Big Daddy up tomorrow and send him back to China. He has a team building weekend coming up. Can't wait to hear about this shit.

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