Thursday, August 26, 2010

Beseech me

Every once in a while Big Daddy makes me pee my pants. Here he was one day telling me how his suppliers are beseeching him for more time. I am listening to this thinking "what the hell has happened to Big Daddy?" As the story goes the Chinese have no balls, sorry Sarah call it like it is, and when you confront them they hide. (the people not the balls) So Big Daddy is on a mission to teach the Chinese to get balls. This is his result, they beseech. This was not one person begging for beseeching, it was 2 different people sending beseeching messages, as in "I beseech you." WTF. I can just picture myself going to the 9:oo at Ford and saying, "I beseech you to be kind." Oh yea, that would get the job done.

Flight to Shenzhen yesterday again took 5 hours, 2 to fly and 3 to sit at the gate. Famous ATF announcement: Jabba Jabba ATF. Then you wait to see if the drinks cart comes, and then the deadly food cart comes. Thank God we did not have to circle before landing. The clouds were huge and black and lightning. It is scary flying here but not as scary as the taxi drivers.

Taxi driver from the airport sucked, would not get his fat ass out of the taxi to help put the luggage in his raggedy ass taxi. I sit in the front and he keeps telling me to shut the door while Big Daddy is still putting the bags in the trunk. HUH UH, had an asshole try to take off and leave Big Daddy once already. Door stays open til all are aboard. Then he talks on his cell phone with the microphone so we can hear both sides of the conversation and laughs constantly. Did not sound like business to me. Then at the last minute at the hotel he jumps out to help with the last bag and looks at us as if he waiting for his tip. Don't make me hurt you dude.

Mr. Green recognized me the minute I walked into the lounge and soon had Big Daddy and me set up with dinner and drinks. Even remembered Big Daddy likes lemon in his Tonee Water, thats tonic water for you yanks.

Oh great, CNN International is saying the Kim dude from North Korea is here for an unknown reason to visit. And he is afraid to fly. Could it be the military plane found crashed in north China this week? Anything to do with the Henan plane crash this week? The dreaded military ship training or perhaps he did not want to see Jimmy Carter?

Tomorrow walking to Hong Kong.

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