Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Which is worse?

ok, so some of you know I have IBS. Struck me Saturday morning on the way to the airport, very uncomfortable and painful. I am in the taxi praying that this does not become an emergency or embarrassing situation when I am distracted. There is something on the curb. Something odd. Wait, I think it is a dog, a big dog. No. It is a person. A human being. A very dirty human being taking a crap off the side of the curb onto the road. And by the looks of it-it is the spot that is used for this purpose. I am appalled and surprised and no longer that concerned about having to take a crap on the side of the road. Then I tell Punkin Head about this new thing I have witnessed and he tells me he saw it all the time in Philly and NY. WTF.

cooler now buy raining. low 90's and humid.

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