Monday, August 16, 2010

No Face Book

Well, looks like China is done mourning and there is still no Facebook. Hmm. When I am done here I will run a scan and if that does not work may have to leave China to see if Facebook works anywhere in the world. Weekends are the hardest for some reason to stay in touch. Everyone has their schedule and times for exchanges are different. Thank God for Skype.

Hot again, Ayis came and for some reason when they left there was a wierd smell in the kitchen. Weird or wierd, gotta find a dictionary in this place.

Big Daddy cooked last night, pork chops and salad and really not bad. The brussel sprouts sucked but really I have never seen such small sprouts. And it is hard to tell here what is in season. For some reason summer is not the season for cherry tomato or really any tomato. Maybe too hot.

Went shopping for some home items yesterday. Clerks here could either not care less if you bought something or chase you down to buy shit no one would want. Went and looked one more time at these green glass decorative items, vases and candles and such. I thought Big Daddy was screwing with me me when he said how much they wanted. For ok stuff like you would find at Pier One these fucks think they are at Neiman Marcus. I asked them what the metal content was and they did not have a clue. India. Silver. No no. WTF.

ok, gonna clean the kitchen since the ayis made it dirty by cleaning, finish the wash and run web root and scan, then I will start downloading the roof pictures so I can tell that story. And what a story.

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