Friday, August 27, 2010

Walking In Hong Kong

Well not really, we walked to the train. We got on the train. We chatted like 2 people in a popular romantic movie. Then we noticed we were in a tunnel. This was shocking as in all our walking to Hong Kong travels we had never seen a tunnel. Hmmm. Then we were at the train station. Hmmm. OKay, we got on the wrong train and it was a bit of a fright. Added 30 minutes to our walk to Hong Kong for the Visa stamp. And Big Daddy was not happy. Nuh huh.

Last night we had dinner at the Shangri-La sports bar with a friend. The Shangri-La sports bar is like any other sports bar. The sport is in getting the food and drink. And the restrooms are pictures of your gender doing sport. And the inside stall doors are of the men doing sport if you are a female. (Did not get to peak in the men's)

Then we went to the Lowu Market, ok so maybe it is not spelled quite right.

Got some questionable deals on some questionable items. The new scam here is well dressed people walking around with a baby jabbing at their mouths. I thought they wanted a smoke. No, they are begging for money. Disgusting.

Big Daddy bought a questionable Iphone. Back at the hotel Big Daddy and the bartender worked for quite some time to get the back open. Hmmm.

Rather be walkin in Memphis right now, Beale street--oh yea--better yet Rue de Royal and a steak at the Rib Room.

Elvis, where are ya bro? Meet me at the Touche and tell Miss Donna to set us up.


  1. Jean,

    You might enjoy this blog:
    where like you, the author is moving to China,


  2. pawl, name is not jean, but thanks.