Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I have a stepstool

It is orange and white. It is easy to open and shut. It fits in the space by the fridge. I can reach the dishes. It is too dangerous to try the microwave but still this is a huge improvement. In order to make space we had to get rid of the shopping cart. We put it in the stairwell as this is the getting rid of stuff procedure. I know this is hard to believe but the cart was too short for even me to push. I think when Big Daddy bought it he must have gotten it in the children's department.

Pretty much when you get something new you have to get rid of something old. There is not much storage here for all the actual space. And throwing stuff out here is really hard. The ayi's always bring it back to you and jabba jabba if they find it. Big Daddy threw away some useless cords and such from his collection and when he got home I had a nice pile on the table for him. I tossed a bottle of creme rinse I was never going to use and the ayi brought it right back. We made a mistake once and over ordered from Meal Bay so Big Daddy took the extra food down to the security guards on his way to the dry cleaners. When he got back they were all still guarding the food for him. Thank goodness a Chinese lady came in told them the food was for them or they might still be guarding it. I am guessing small acts of kindness are not usual in China.

New news-tomorrow we have an appointment to go to the embassy and try to get my passport renewed. Then I have to apply for a new visa. But they take your passport for the new visa and I have to walk to Hong Kong early this month as Big Daddy's boss is coming to visit. And I can't travel without my passport. This is getting really confusing. And then something about a different visa with a 2 day physical. And oops, I lost my registration papers from the hotel.

Also new, Big Daddy found a bookstore with English books. It is on Shaanxi not far from the hairdresser. They had the new Anthony Bourdain book, so new I did not even know it existed. And he found a new place to cut his hair and they did a great job. And he found a huge beautiful orchid for less than I would pay at Trader Joe's. And I may have found a friend I can buy. And it is not raining so far today nor is it steaming hot. I hope this is not the good weather day as Big Daddy is out of town and won't be home until late.

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