Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mission Impossible

For some reason Big Daddy is now on a mission to fulfill two important requests I have repeatedly made. For weeks and weeks I have pointed out that I am too short to reach the dishes and the microwave. And he leaves me alone sometimes. I can only eat food not requiring a plate or heat, unless I want to eat out of the pan. But as there are no small pans for reheating I always burn the food anyway on the gas burner. Reminder, I do not cook so have little luck with performing this task. Sometimes I really miss Farm's Market.

As you may recall during the Internet problems the IT Shemps had to go get someone elses chair to stand on when the were working on the box. I would not let them stand on "my" chairs. Well right after that the search for the stepstool began. Stepstools are very hard to find in China. As everyone here is fairly short it is amazing that borrowing chairs is the only recourse when they can't reach something. I am taller than most of them myself.

Carrefours seems to have stepstools. But you cannot order them. You have to go to the store. But they don't tell you which one actually will have the stepstool. GRRR. I am also trying to decide if it is worth it to try and taxi to Oumond Lu to check out the convection ovens. That is a trip to hell and back when it is hot and raining. Which the weather is predicted to be for the next 10 days. Or we can just settle for one from Best Buy.

After my last hissy fit of having no decent cutlery Big Daddy went to the Portman Center for food, a haircut, and steak knives. No barbershop, and the knives were hidden away due to the Expo "law" about the selling of knives. He had to be inspected first and then they sent someone to the warehouse for the knives. They are better than nothing. They cut the pork chops which were great. Pork Chops inspired by Blackened Out recipe with sides of squash salad and French lentils. Good dinner. However, now I need utensil rests for beside the plates as the shape of the knives causes them to fall into the plate and get sauce all over the handles. And napkins are another expensive quest.

I should get off of here as Big Daddy wants to plan our next Walking To Hong Kong experience. If we get the oven we can't afford to spend the night Kowloon for our anniversary. Maybe dinner at the Shangri La, hmm, have to see. Still have to plan either going home in October or December depending on the passport/visa issues.

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