Monday, September 6, 2010

I took it out on my mother

I finally broke again this weekend, and yes, I took it out on my mother. That is not fair for so many reasons and it is fair for so many reasons.

My mother is not responsible for my current situation. She did not personally cause all the problems that sent the US into a shithole, although she does vote the Democrat ticket quite often. She actually at one point thought 2 penny Jenny was OK.

I am a mother too. I will whup Punkin Head on the butt if I think he needs it. I have told him he is my little boy forever, no matter how old he gets. I will also thrash the shit out of anyone who hurts Punkin Head and his. That includes The Lady. Don't screw with either of them or you answer to me and I can get very cranky.

But sometimes you just need a mommy. And I don't have one. I would rather bitch about a bad mommy than just be ignored. Sometimes a bad mommy can be fun. I am sure I have read about this somewhere.

So, today I am sitting here waiting to find out if Big Daddy can buy me a friend. I think this could be possible. There has to be some broke, bored, Chinese woman who would like to practice English and teach me a few words of Chinese and get a free lunch out of it.

Cannot go to school, no money and visa for that. Cannot find a tutor, too expensive and have to go in the dreaded taxi alone. Only meet drunks or assholes at the bar and Big Daddy can confirm that as I never go there alone. Cannot shop as they will not wait on white women unless you are in the very expensive stores. Think Gucci.

Cannot even go eat worms as there is no grass here and worms are an expensive delicacy. WTF.

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  1. Well here I am trying to make a comment. I do like to hear from you. Rye gave me your address. I go to the DR tomorrow for results of tests. Felt real bad that you had to give Renny away, he would be a lot of company. The patio furniture was ruined in the big storm. I have been voting for the elephant for a long time and most all politician are crooks and liars. I also have been reading a lot as I don't have much energy. the mother