Saturday, September 4, 2010

The good, the bad, the really ugly

Went out for dinner Thursday and had a fabulous dinner at Casa 13 in TiaKang Lu. That place has never served me bad meal no matter what the name.

Good: roast chicken with lemon caper sauce.
Bad: got myself locked into the new restroom.
Ugly: first time ever I went to the "ladies" without my purse so I could not call Big Daddy to come get me out. After repeated attempts to unlock the door I started pounding with my fist. That hurts. I cannot imagine the adrenelin that it must take to pound on something for rescue for hours or days. I wasn't real upset as I was sure eventually someone would come. I was in there quite a while tho. There is a tiny trick button on the metal bar that you have to push. Hmmm. Could have used my glasses, which were in my purse.

On the way home we stopped at the furniture store. There was a load at the curb, so they were getting new stuff. Just standing around and they got to me with the "Lookie Lookie". There was table that I had spied back when I got the deal on Big Daddy's hat rack. At that time whatever the price was, it was in thousands starting with a 10. I saw the table and randomonly asked for the price. Shit it was low 2000's. Offered and dickered and looked really sad and I got it for 1550. Around 230 US or so. And yes once again they hand carried and walked with us back to the apartment. This time it took 2 guys tho. Beautiful marble top and small shelf on the bottom. The trick is to always ask for something you want but cannot buy, go to a second item and then go in for the kill. Then check back later for the original. It will usually come down in price quite alot over time. Or the store will go out of business for no sales. And you gotta smile and then look really sad.

After careful shopping evaluation some of the stuff we bought at Lowu Market was a bust. The iPhone does not work. The Sony Vaio thumb drives are sketchy and one is a bust. 1 of the 3 pairs of sunglasses is not perfect but no worse than cheap shit in the states. Watches seem ok so far. At least no worse than the shit on HSN with the screaming lady.

Met this rich lady ex-pat who was extolling the great life she had in China as she is now going home. This bitch had an aya for her other ayas. WTF. And she only frequented the 5 star hotels. No wonder she thought it was fab, she probably never saw the under-belly of this shithole. She thought I was wearing a batik blouse from Thailand and when I told her I bought it 2 streets over she changed the subject quick. She was impressing her friend, new to Shanghai, with her worldly observations. And she had never gotten lost in a taxi. Bullshit.

Might go to Yu Gardens today or tomorrow and look for bibelots.

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