Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I met a woman in the Ladies restroom Monday morning. It was her first day and she was nervous and overwhelmed. I told her it would be fine, assembly plants are overwhelming at first-so large and so much activity and so many people. I found her again at lunchtime and asked her how it was going. She was okay and she told me when she received her badge to the plant she cried she was so happy. She had to take tests, written tests besides the drug tests and felt this was a real achievement. All this for a temporary vacation relief position. Guess it is still pretty bad out there for some of us.

Talked to a guy this week that had been having problems with my parts to give him an update. I told him every time I came to talk to him last week he was out. Yea, he told me he has cancer and had to go in for his chemo. Working the line 10 hours a day with cancer and chemo, this guy has my admiration and respect.

I finished a bit more of the gardening, along with Big Daddy and The Help. I want it mostly finished except for perennials I want to get on sale this fall-By the fourth of July. We will see.

Today I had water leaks, parts not installed properly, and no information on the "missing stock". Tomorrow I have to get information to set up a sort on potential suspect stock, get some paperwork signed off and find time to read a few chapters on my Kindle App for the Samsung Tablet. Tablet is somewhat dicey, but it is great when it works. And I can get my email from work and personal on my phone now. Life is Good, and I hate LG.

Funny of the day:

Missing Stock story. One of my plants emailed me to ask if I knew why the customer had shipped all the launch parts back to them. I figured this was a mistake, replied and asked a few question and went to speak with MP&L, that is the materials people. They of course did not believe me and pooh poohed any mention that they had shipped these parts back to us. Until they checked the records and my pictures. Someone is gonna get in big trouble on this one. Hilarious.


  1. My grapes are up to about an 1/8th in diameter with some good sized bunches. I think this is my fifth year so the plants are six. I don't have any pineapple plants in bloom though. Fixing to put some of them in larger planters, and give one away as a present to the diner owner. She has been trying to get me to grow several other exotic tropicals but aLL her ideas are huge plants. I think I wiLL stick to pineapples and an orchid. Oh, I did get some blooms out of a purple onion but they browned and are faLLing apart now.

    1. You are the gardener of the SW, I love to try and make things grow.

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    1. Everyday, just gotta keep laughing.