Friday, June 6, 2014

Side Entry and Sideways

These are the Caladiums at the side door, I have had these here for years, such a pleasant surprise to see them again. Those are Cone Flowers in the bed, purple--the orange in the back died. One plant at a time we are coming back.

I finished Lisa Scottolini's book, The Accused, it was not too bad.

I had take-out this week, ham and walnut Quesadilla and you know I can make that at home, just needed the reminder.

I had to go to the meeting from hell this morning and report out. That means I must answer for shit that I might not have a lot of information on. This one, as it was a first at this plant, I screamed and stomped my little feet until I had not only information but back-up. And then I memorized my spiel and repeated it all morning.

It went well and I got thumbs up from the people who knew it was my first. Damn, I hate those meetings.

I had to take extra meds for the IBS and really feel horrible--don't know if it is the something wrong or just huge stress. But I have always worked with stress, so I am worried about the "something wrong". Still waiting for the appointment on June 26, nothing has happened that is worthy of the emergency room. But if that happens, trust me, I will be there.

This weekend flowers and fun.


  1. Preparation goes a long way. Good job.

    1. Thanks, that meeting is not fun and they have it every damn day. I only have to talk every so often, and it is a horror story.

  2. One day you are going to have to tell me what you actually do that involves you being surrounded with so many asshats.

    1. Ah now I see you already did - I missed the blog.