Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A pretty view

The lake is pretty this year.

Well tomorrow is the big day, the long awaited doctor appointment.

I am ready.

Have you ever worked with someone truly stupid. I hate to say this, but one of the results of union contracts is that occasionally really stupid people get jobs that they are totally unqualified and unsuited for. It is a crime. But if you have seniority you can have that job. At one of the former plants I covered one guy up and quit one day. He did not really quit, he disqualified himself from the position as he was about to get fired. Because he mucked the job up horribly - - - because he was not qualified.

Just an example, I am sorting parts and we discovered the left side was also suspect. I called the sort company and told them to read-across, start sorting the other side as both sides were suspect. The supervisor came to me and asked if both parts came from the same plant. That is like asking if each shoe in a pair of shoes came from the same company. Oh yea.

Well, tomorrow we are going out to lunch after the doctor or home to drink to excess. Yes, Big Daddy is taking the day off to come with me. He will however, work on his appliances all day long.


  1. Hope aLL goes weLL for you, medical wise. I am hoping ti finaLLy fix my AC unit, it is on top of a building and it has been raining too often.

  2. Storms and tops of buildings do not mix

    1. I found an opening in the weather and we are back online with cooling now. Then I got two requests from friends in one day, so I am "two" busy now.