Thursday, October 23, 2014

Come Fly With Me

Well this should tell the whole story.

Well, it is still going down hill and now I am told that if we do not get parts into the plant Saturday night it will be a blood bath. Of course I reported this and of course everyone said no problem.

And then on the 6PM conference call no one knew a thing about this, no this was not gonna happen and pretty much we have other arrangements. So I asked for the names of the other arrangements to report out on this issue, and my boss jumps in and saves the day.

Not for the shipment, just for them saying I was a stupid bitch.

Because if those asshats do not get me the right info tonight, well the parts are gonna be flying in the wide blue skies, also known as air charter. AKA as really fucking expensive.

The more that happens the better this gets.

And Big Daddy can't get home his plane went AWOl at O'Hare and he is zig zagging home doing his best.

Thinking October is not my best month.

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