Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The expected and the unexpected.

Gourds from the Farmer's Market, 2 for a buck. Much smaller ones were at Trader Joe's for 69 cents a piece. And mine are much more unusual. Love them.

The Plant of Dreams has decided to go forward with this debacle of a launch. I have never seen such a mess in my life. I have piles of parts that are scrap, no longer usable, and today I had to go to a person of importance and say "How long are you gonna allow this shit to hang and lay in baskets?" If it is not counted and formally scrapped out they will run out of parts and then all hell will break loose. Asshats. Actually they are just lazy and think they can get away with not doing their jobs.

Had to talk to my Mexicano today and yes it gave me the same headache as before, however at the end of the conversation he told me I am to go back to talking to the real QE, not him the trainee. Thank God for small favors.

Tomorrow is clean up at the plant and awaiting answers from the plants, wait and see.

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