Wednesday, October 22, 2014

This is a cross between I am Woman and I am done

So the Neanderthal Engineer I work with  has been kinda bully(ing) me and treating me like his ex wife or his junkyard dog. Now he is trying to get me fired. This is going up to a Director level.

The hilarious part of this is that before I got there they could not find a person to take this job. Everyone who has had this job before me says my company is worse than the worst. I am starting to believe this by the way.

Today I worked 11 hours and most of it was not productive as I was chasing my tail with lies and such and not making head way.

Well, tomorrow my phone is gonna blow up at 6 am and I am gonna tell them that they gotta talk to my boss. Cause I am too confused.

And disheartened.


  1. Sorry you are having such a weak day or a dazed week (I just now wrote that for you. I think I wiLL go put some version of it on a shirt tomorrow.)

    1. You need to make me a shirt that says, you know where the logo or name would go, REALLY.

  2. Ahh. I've heard of these kinds of places, and I have such little tolerance for this kind of stuff.

    Give 'em hell, girl.


    1. It is so sad that this must be fought down and stomped. And if I find that fucker in the parking lot--well a well aimed empty liquor bottle could be soccer practice.