Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Dementors

This is the only one that thrived and it is on the last hurrah.

There are 3 or 4 guys guys I work with that are just nasty, dis-heartening, depressing and just dang a pain in the butt to work with. I had to see them again today and I noted that I get testy and unpleasant around them. I said to myself, remember "Don't let them steal your joy".

As I was walking away feeling horrid I remembered "The Dementors" from the Harry Potter series, these asshats suck all the joy of the world out the air surrounding them so that the rest of us are gasping for just a piece of humanity to go forward.

In other words, now that I have found the root cause of the problem I must solve the issue and make sure this never happens again. This is gonna take a little bit of time, maybe some super glue and perhaps some duct tape.

The most important is going to be a way to hear my iPod on my car radio on the way to work, Johnny Cash Ring of Fire or The Doors Riders In The Storm. And just to make sure I walk in proud and brave we must finish up with :


  1. Johnny Cash songs always remind me of my father, singing while he was driving.

    1. For some reason aLL I can see at the bottom of your blogpost is a blank space, perhaps its just my iPad browser.

  2. My dad did not sing but country was always on the radio. I have no musical talent yet I know all the words to the country oldies. Especially Hank Williams.