Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas sweater and scarf from Big Daddy and the Chinese boots, all dressed for New Year's Eve lunch. I am short, but geez not as short as I look here.

We went to Red Crown and I had the brisket sandwich and BD had the perch sandwich with bacon jam. We shared the Pimento Cheese spread on fresh soft pretzels and life was delightful.

Should be getting the new Ford Escape on Monday if everything goes well.

Remember the broken home phone and horrible fight with Comcast and bitter words with the intention of getting rid of Comcast forever? Well, that did not happen as no one had time and really who cares if someone can't call me at home. Suddenly this phone started working, and the damn recorder started recording messages again. The totally broken system that Comcast swore was a piece of shit and my fault for not working, is well, working like a charm. FIE ON YOU Comcast.

And yes, the only calls I get are creeps trying to sell me something.


  1. I'm impressed that you've picked a car already! It took me MONTHS of test drives and dithering to make a decision :)

    The Escape is pretty nice - I liked the Mazda CX-5 better though, so that's what I ended up getting!

  2. Live in Detroit, work in the auto biz, go to assembly plants everyday, Mazda is a swear word in this town. Since I see them built and know what is what from an insider perspective, picking one out is not hard. And I am over spending big money on cars. Although I gotta say all those years I drove the Saab convertibles, I loved them.

    Glad you like your Mazda, I would have to park it across the street and it would probably get keyed.