Sunday, March 22, 2015

Random happenings

Saturday was lunch at the Red Crown after my hair appointment. Lunch was good, this place is great and becoming a go to for weekend lunches. On Wednesday they have half off your first bottle of wine for dinner. As I am the only one who sucks down the wine we should try this, but I need a Wednesday where I am not dog tired or pulling out my hair.

Speaking of my hair, when I went to the hairdresser my old gal was there. She is so thin from the cancer treatments and looks tired, but she is trying to slowly get back to work. She fixed my hair. My new hairdo was a bad cut job. Would not lay properly, I could not blow dry it so I looked like a human being, it would not go curly. So now I am fixed.

Speaking of fixed I never thought this would happen. Hillary Clinton and I are like twinnies. I thought I had my phone fixed to have 2 email accounts available and working and the work account disappeared. After 2 weeks, pouf it was gone. So I do believe her that work email is not all that great. And for the last week I keep getting locked out of mine, sometimes multiple times a day. And no one can help me because I am not a direct employee-I am contract.

Which I am now going off on a tangent, we are in a true shithole at work and I am trying to do everything right and correct and be a great person and I guess I messed up one email because I had to pee. So I did not write a missive to the Queen I just sent a quickie that was good enough. Well, the department Manager was not happy and corrected me by sending me an email, on the chain and he copied all. Yep, I took a bit of shit about that one. What an ass.

On the way home I noticed the lake looked funky, there are still slabs of ice floating around. Man that was a cold month.


  1. I simply do not understand what Hillary was saying about having to have a device for each email account. I have three email accounts on my iPhone.

  2. I think Hillary was telling everyone she and I are not that smart when it comes to new-fangled inventions.