Tuesday, March 31, 2015

We're back and it snowed last night

Me in front of the old replica ships, the Nina and Pinta we think. Yes, it was a tad chilly.

Well, I checked and checked the temps and forecasts and I still packed wrong. We are trying to pack lighter and I even tried that "packing in a color scheme" crap, but really unless you are going to Savannah in August, it is a crapshoot. And I prefer a little cold to any hot, hot makes me ill.

I was okay as the high forty's and low fifty's are not freezing cold to someone like me. But I did walk in the sun in the early mornings. And as we passed Banana Republic and saw the sale sign I went in and bought a black sweater for half off, I am wearing it here, and I can wear it to work if no where else.

Actually I am one of those people who shop on vacation and I did get some great deals. More to follow on that.

The animals are fine, Big Daddy picked them up and Sammy Dog would not leave Zoey cat's side until she was out of the carrier. He rode in the back seat with her home. She is actually better then he is right now. She wants to be around me but he is standing sentinel in his big bed and not acting happy. But they still do not hang together at home.

Best part of the trip, Jim William's Mercer House. Worst part-none really but some of it was just okay. Would I go back? Probably not, a nice visit but there are more places to see.

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