Sunday, March 15, 2015

We call her Curly now

As you can see I do not have any pics worth putting on the blog.

Punkin Head is shopping for a birthday bike, he asked everyone who loves him enough to give him money to contribute to a new bike. He will be using it for transportation and sport so I thought it was a good idea. He is also packing up as they will move at the end of the month.

I bought Curly, that is my granddaughter, a book. It is hard to not spend money on this dear child not even born yet. There is just too much cute stuff. But a book, books are always a good idea.

PH was telling, and don't ask how we got on this subject,they have a once a year wiener dog race at the horse track in Portland. I thought he was bullshitting me, but when I Google wiener dog racing it seems it is very popular. I would think it would take days for those short little legs to get them anywhere much less around a track.

We went shopping Saturday after my pedicure and I hit a great sale at Chico's. Cotton summer pants for 19.99 that I can wear to work. It is hard to find summer work pants as I cannot wear capris and I need something that is not super casual. And I found 2 other pair I got for buy one get one half off. And I can wear them on vacation before wearing them out at the plant.

Kind of boring right now but only a week and a half til vacation. And 7 working days. I can do that.

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