Friday, March 6, 2015

The Birds

Yes, it is the most horrible picture ever, but down near the bottom so small you can't even see it is a Cardinal. The first bird I have seen in months. I was so excited. I can barely see the top of my gargoyle.

I am starting to get used to a more regular job without so much stress. I have been able to start doing the NYT crosswords on a daily basis again. That is wonderful.

Yesterday they sent the plant home early again and today no work at all. That snowstorm in Kentucky shut us down. I feel for those folks, I don't know if there is a snow plow in the entire state.

So I am home today with Brunhilda and she had a panic attack on me. She left a note last time about needing Windex and Big Daddy said he had plenty of Windex she just missed it. So he put it on the counter this morning and she looked under the sink and got upset. She was so happy when I handed her the Windex.

Yesterday I got 4 issues first thing in the morning. So I spent quite a lot of time taking photos to document everything. One of the issues was new, and fairly serious and I took the best photos ever. Just when I was getting ready to start data reporting I got a call, by the way Missy those are not your parts. Damn, that was some of my best work. I almost wanted to send them to the proper person.

Well, I have TV shows to watch and vacation plans to make.


  1. I am not sure when my vacation wiLL be as I don't reaLLy count the trip to south Texas in the future a vacation. Maybe I wiLL figure out how to take a slightly longer scenic route this time. I am hoping for South Dakota a little later as soon as I get through some huge orders. We now have a floral shop that is keeping other people busy as I try to keep focused on printing.

  2. I would be on a zip line to that baby if they would let me.

    1. I am reaLLy looking forward to the grandpa days, they should be here soon. I am glad there is Facetime and Skype.