Friday, January 1, 2016

Christmas vacation weirdness

Mussels appetizer from the Gryphon Restaurant in Burlington.

When we were leaving the hotel after the snowfall I saw the weirdest sight, 2 children throwing snowballs. The snowballs were made from a blue plastic snowball maker. Kinda like salad tongs with 2 round half balls, one at each end, and when held together made a snowball. WTF, kids today cannot even make a snowball without help. No wonder this country is going to hell in a handbasket.

I saw Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island on Chopped. It was too weird for me. Can't even remember whether she was chopped.

So ever since Big Daddy set up my Delta account my first name has been miss-spelled. We are talking 10 plus years. Delta leaves one letter out of the middle of my first name. I have a passport and have been approved for TSA Pre Check for years. Now Punkin Head had told me that the Burlington Airport was teeny tiny and very Barney Fife in the TSA department. Yes, I was pulled aside, lectured, checked for the No Fly List, had to pass a written test. Then they gave me a special placard so I could walk through the Pre Check with my boots on.

We were delayed about 2 hours and there is hardly a place to sit, I snagged one under the coffee pots and was watching all these young people who would not give up their seats but they were no longer buying food or drink. Then it came across the intercom that the Jet Blue flight from Orlando had finally landed at JKF. It was due in a 9 am and it was now 5 PM. About 20 minutes later they came on said that the Jet Blue plane at JFK just went mechanical and they would have more info in the hour. Those people had a sucky ass day and I cannot blame them for hijacking the restaurant.

Then I go to the ladies and there is a ticket on the floor, I hesitated and picked it up and took it to the counter. It was for Gretchen Valade of the Carhartt family. She owns much here in town including the Dirty Dog Jazz Cafe and she just gave millions to Wayne State. Later this woman that I swear is Gretchen or her sister approaches us sitting in the rockers and asks if she can take our picture. Because we are sitting in the rockers. She took ours and I took hers with her camera and she was happy. Definitely an eccentric no matter who she was.

Gotta pick up my rental tomorrow. I have not driven since the accident. Better get back in the saddle.


  1. That's certainly weirdness indeed. Hello and have a wonderful year ahead, best wishes!