Saturday, January 2, 2016

Breaking my own rule

I know I said no more babies, but I never said anything about baby toes. And those are the cutest toes ever.

Picked up my piece of crap shitbag car rental from Enterprise. 25,000 plus miles and scraped all over it. "Oh, no maam, it only counts if it is a tear or a hole". Yeah, don't try to charge me for the ugly on this crap bag when I return it. And they were incredibly offended when I declined the extra insurance. I asked them, does not AAA cover this shit bomb as I am renting it at the incredibly low price of 24.99 due to their skill at getting a low price? Well, if I get in an accident they will want the deductible. I am fairly certain if I get into an accident there will be no evidence as this thing will be pulverized.

We are still unpacking and getting around. Warm enough for a walk today if I can pull Big Daddy outside. And the healthy eating begins. Yesterday was ham and biscuits and gravy after NYE meatloaf and garlic mashed potatoes. Those were the 4th garlic mashed potatoes of the season.

Big Daddy is thinking fried anchovies. Fish, ya know.

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