Saturday, January 30, 2016

New Orleans in the past

Yea, well sometimes we all drink too much. That is a former Queen of one of the Carnivals with us.

So now I have a loaner from the dealer, a soft turquoise Escape with unlimited miles until they get my ride fixed. Seems this is a brouhaha with the dealer now. Hmm.

I got my teeth cleaned, there was nitrous and everything is fine.

We had our annual Roto Rooter call today, he fixed the kitchen sink sprayer again and said all the problems were because my water is too hot. My question is why is the water in the kitchen too hot and the water in the bathroom not hot enough. Now we are on a faucet seeking mission. Do not ask.

The best of the week is to come tomorrow, on Sunday when possible Punkin Head Skype's with Curly Girl. And it is such a treat. She loves her grandmama.

Just watching a commercial for Bosch dishwashers about how quiet they are, bullshit, mine was the worst of the worst. And expensive for the often needed repairs. I would rate them a 2. It did run okay for a year or two. 2 for 2. Bosch stands for bullshit.


  1. We are looking forward to our grandchild's first birthday party soon.

    1. OOOh, will they allow chocolate cake?