Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I am super dooper sick, thinking the flu

Banner at the Gryphon for the Fondue.

I am sicker than a dog. Big Daddy got sick first with a cold and so when I was felled I thought, wow I have a cold too. Nuh uh, it is the flu I am sure. Fever, chills, aches, sore throat, ennui and a runny nose, but I have that every day. I rescheduled my dentist appointment and she said 2 weeks, not one, she does not want to catch this shit. BD said everyone at work is sick. We are all drinking Throat Coat tea, from the drugstore. It is fabulous.

Comcast, the rat fuckers from hell are now charging for Major Crimes on TNT. That is one of the few shows we watch religiously and the asshats want 2.99 an episode. What kinda crap is that. I will pay anyone else any amount of money rather than give the idjits another dime.

Zoey cat is pissed off, BD let her run out of canned food for dinner and when he gave her dry kibble she was not amused. Even Sammy Dog went over and checked and gave him the loser look. It is bad when your critters are dissing you.

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