Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Everything is still sucky

When in doubt, go with the bar.

I am starting to revive from the disease. My teeth still hurt, my jaw still hurts and I am having trouble turning my head. I am doing slow stretches. And I have to clean this place, that is a daunting task right now.

Big Daddy left us and went to BFE where it is 6.6 degrees and the only vehicle they had was a Hyundai. Please keep him in your thoughts. He only has to drive 2 hours to the shop from hell to see why they cannot make parts.

The elections/politics are cracking me up. You cannot deny that Hillary's statements on sexual predators kinda smells, you cannot deny that Joe is sniffing, you cannot deny Trump is sliming along and nobody is stomping on that guy today.

Out state we have Obama stopping in to make remarks in Louisiana with their new Dem Gov, now lets see if they will tax themselves to pay for what they want. And here at home Gov. Snyder is taking a stomping as somehow people are paying for water that is poison in Flint. How the hell does that happen when you have a dude you put in there to fix this shit?

Oh, and none of our Detroit school teachers want to teach, they are all sick. Enough to shut down many schools this week. And we are still seeing DPS associates/officials going to jail. For stealing the money that the teachers want. And, DPS still has the same number of administrators for far less children that they now do not teach. How does that work?

Sammy went out to pee and poop and neither took more than a few seconds. It is cold here. And I hope the crew comes and cleans this up for me.


  1. OK I am finally up to date. We had a my nephew visit from Australia and he had a bad dose of something so I am expecting to get sick soon. There is so such bad shit happening at the moment I may have to stop reading the papers and watching TV.

    1. Yea, I am finally better and it was a good 15 days. I stopped reading and watching and when I came too I could not believe all this shit happened.