Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Random stuff.

This Windows 10 and I are not getting along with the pictures. Halloween of the past.

Well, Sammy is gone. He just could not breathe anymore and the pills were not enough. I think Zoey misses him. I know I do. I was going to put up his photo but this shitty system won't help me out with task.

Punkin Head took Curly for her first Creamy. That is a strange term used only in Vermont as far as I know for what the rest of us call soft serve ice cream. She loved it and yes it was chocolate. She had 2 licks.

I have been taking my mom out once a week and we are going to the movies. This is rather shocking to me as I have not been to a movie theater in over 30 years. All the seats are huge Lazy Boy type with cup holders. And the individual screening rooms are not all that large. And the movies are crap.
Last one we saw was The Meddler and I can tell you Susan Sarandon needs a better bra.

I really think someone needs to tell Hillary her hair has never looked worse. She needs to fix it, you can't have a big butt and small hair. Especially in hot pink. She did quit shouting which made me happy. Don't know if it is me or what but I have not seen or heard from all 3 of them for a while, wonder what they are up to.

My basement leak seems to be fixed so I guess jacking the floor out was a good idea. I do think 3 months and 3 different people are a lot of effort for a damn leak.

Big Daddy got me the Beach Boys Pet Sounds CD so I am off to listen.