Saturday, December 12, 2009

and I thought Detroit was bad

Okay maybe I am over-reacting, but this place sucks. I cannot buy one thing. Because I cannot find anything to buy. Want a clothes brush or a lint roller, dream on. Need dusting clothes, eat shit and die. Don't even try for Simple Green. This place is filthy and now I know why, there are no cleaning products. And no stores that carry them. No hampers, waste baskets, garbage pails, or swifters. None, nada, zip, nothing. I need to clean this dump since no one else will and have nothing to clean it with. All righty then.

The people are the most miserable people I have ever met. Well, I don't meet them I try to interact with them. Like in "Dude can you get me a taxi?" Glower and shout, at me. Whoa, all I want is a ride. I have little slips of paper written in Chinese so the fucks can take me where I need to go. and they can't read them. I say Mao needs a vision plan. This porter got out a magnifying glass to read it to the taxi driver today. I kid you not. Yesterday the taxi guy pulled aside in the freeway to put his glasses and read the slip of paper again. Yikes.

So, so far, the weather sucks, everything sucks, the Internet is censored, (I can only write this and get in Facebook with a special private network) and above all the shopping sucks. Think about this when everything you buy says made in China. I can't buy it here. WTF.

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