Monday, December 7, 2009

Hello Shanghai

Flight was great. God sent me an angel as a seat mate and she showed me the ropes including getting a cart at the airport. Immigration and Customs was nothing compared to other countries. The worst was the baggage wait. Took a crazy taxi ride to the apartment and proceeded to be sick for the next 4 hours. I am so grateful I did not start feeling bad until the taxi or I would have been in quarantine.

Apartment will be okay once I get some decorating in place, like dishes and rugs and a clock. The Ayah cleaning is not up to par, so we talked with her boss, or someone who knew her boss. Confusing. They speak English but do not know what you are really saying and cannot really tell you what you want to know.

Need to go shopping today, Big Daddy did not have tissues. Went shopping yesterday but no essentials to be found where we went. Found a couple hats, casual, for a good price but not what we needed. Think Big Daddy wanted to show me the area he knew. Great sightseeing with designer stores in this rabbit's warren of craziness. Have a picture of the scene across from the cafe where stopped for a rest. Sitting on the balcony looking at a hovel with the laundry hanging outside and across the street they were renovating a place putting doors in crooked. Will have to wait as Big Daddy took the picture with his mobile phone as I of course forgot the camera.

Oh, the black cloud following me across the U.S. and the Pacific. Yesterday no water in the apartment and when they turned it on the toilet broke.

Going to eat lunch and go to the mall. See ya later.

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