Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Things I take for granted and cake

There are a few things that are difficult here in China. There are a few strange things. And some things just aren't right.

I am becoming obsessed by toilets. The ones you can sit on. Few and far between here. And they are not real big on toilet paper. And they don't flush it. If you are ever lucky enough to find a sit down toilet and decide to flush the toilet paper, only flush one wad of paper at a time. Have your own tissue and disinfectant wipe in your pants pocket. Just trust me on this one. And if you are a woman make sure your purse is a shoulder bag that will stay on your shoulder when you are out using the toilet. I personally think the across the body bag is better. And this is in the better hotels.

Cleaning products and Febreeze. Things being clean. A washer/dryer that does not take 5 hours for the smallest load ever. I need a Siemens manual. Because this just can't be right.

Central heating. Or just heat in all the rooms. Need rugs, but first need to figure out rug delivery. Figured out grocery and restaurant delivery.

Got a shopping lead that may fit my needs for friends. And me too, but no fakes. Do not want to test my black cloud at US Customs on the faux Prada. Buddy Boy kept telling me he would take us to the Fake Market, I kept trying to explain #1 I can get that in New York and #2 US Customs takes a dim view of fabulous fakes. I want real Chinese things from he calls local area.

Now on to the cakes. Everywhere I go there are fabulous looking cakes. And cake displays. And cake making events. The thing is you never see anyone buy or eat cake. Never. I checked the dessert menu last night and there was no cake on it. The cakes were right at the entrance to the restaurant, but no cake on the menu. WTF.

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