Sunday, December 20, 2009

Finally the Shanghai I was looking for

Had the most fabulous manicure and pedicure yesterday. Hydrating spa at the Diva Life. Worked on my feet and my hands at the same time and it was wonderful. Paraffin and massage to die for. About 85 US and I am guessing in the US about 175 to 200 dollars.

Figured out you have to send the good clothes out for cleaning. The washer/dryer takes forever (I am talking hours) and leaves everything wrinkled. And I mean really deep seated never gonna iron out wrinkles. OK for underwear and such, not much else.

Big Daddy is ordering the desk and chair for the living area to be delivered Christmas day. This apartment is so stark. I made him go get some flowers yesterday and the effect was huge. Found some shopping on the blogs that seems more in our price range, not Dolce and Gabbana. Really need some rugs and lamps. Bought a colander today so we can make pasta and we have a great relationship with Marks and Spencer.

The French ex-pats are very rude. The Chinese are very who gives a shit. The rest of the ex-pats don't speak to you. Hmmm, is it me or is it China? WTF.

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