Thursday, December 17, 2009

China Snippets

Just a few takes on this new life in China:

Domestic flights in China have a 20% ARRIVAL rating.

This causes you to smell the horrific breath of the China residents a lot more than you would like to. This also causes you to thing just how bad would it be if you just pulled the rotten teeth out of these MF's on the runway. Hmmm.

Big Boss gave Big Daddy today a giftas we left BFE for Shanghai, a bottle of what is known as the "crazy wine". I guess this shit makes people go insane. Big Daddy told me never to drink this stuff. It leaked in our luggage and smells like crap. Very expensive stuff. Nice bottle smells like crap.

Ran out of Dramamine at the Shenzhou airport this morning and thought I would die, air sickness is pretty bad. Nice lady that was very uncomfortable speaking English took us to first aid where they sold me a patch, same shit as sold in US, for 9rmb or about a buck fifty. Sells in the Us for about 30 bucks. With a prescription only in the US. Ate at Tony Roma's at Portman Center on out return, it is nasty. and the washroom is nasty too. What is it about China and toilet paper?

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