Tuesday, November 23, 2010

All moved in

Tuesday Nov. 23

All in all the moving experience was not horrible.

Movers were decent guys, brought their own moving shit.

Big Daddy had his own moving shit including the porter cart he conned out of the guy downstairs.

So far only thing broken is the Feng Shui water beads, hmmm.

Only forgot a few things, the Ikea desk I was using to keep my laptop case on. This was stupid as we picked up the case from the desk and walked out. And Big Daddy went back with them to check the room and he missed it too.

So when we figure this out BD goes down to get the desk. And then a little later there is an ayi at the door with his shoes. Huh? And we both checked that place 3 times.

I did remember the ice cube trays that took months to find.

We cleaned ourselves silly and God bless whoever invented microcloths. They are the best.

Sunrise (there was actually a sun this morning)was beautiful from this height.

Sitting here reading the Detroit Free Press and heard this weird noise. Now I know every place has its own noises and you just get used to it. But it was clear as a bell and I kept hearing it. It was whistling. Finally I look out in the hall and there is this guy pacing and whistling. WTF. If he is a neighbor will this become a charming morning ritual or am I going to have to bonk him with my wok?

Funnies of the day:

Move in and one of the dining chairs is shorter than the others. Since we don't have children with us I thought this was odd. Asked for matching chairs. So then this guy brings me another short chair. Already decided I like the shorter one better as the seat is taller only the back is shorter. Now I have to explain, go get me 2 more short chairs. So he comes back with 2 more tall chairs. And the seats have no stuffing. Just gave up. Even though my chin sits on the table. BD says it is easier to slurp your food that way.

Asked for phone in the living room. Ayi comes in for some unknown reason and takes the phone. So I request this be fixed ASAP. Of course, they send Shemp. The only phone jack that works demands I keep the phone on the dining room table. I am insistent that phone goes at the other end of room and give Shemp 2 options. He is insistent that the table location is fine. We argue, me in English and Shemp in Chinese. I see Shemp is enjoying this. I think his wife must argue with him all the time. And like with his wife, he lost. Only useful Chinese "word" I know is thumbs down.

When BD checks the new apartment for the move-in there are no towels. He asks for towels. There are no towels. Now, this is a large complex and hotel and they have no towels? WTF. Good thing we had the toilet paper stash, no TP either.

They did not change out the dining table; they painted over the bad spots, same with floor and woodwork.

Remember my famous breaking kitchen drawer? Now I have 2 and possibly 2 cabinet doors that will keep Shemp employed.

Last shower in the old apartment I noticed the shower head thing was breaking again. Said fuck it, let the new people fix it. New shower also needs a repair. Karma?

Hotel wanted to see my old passport to record the last entry stamp. And we all know where that went last time. Told BD he better hang on to that receipt for the fine we paid for Mrs. Overstay.

Going home in 7 days. But do not fear, ardent readers, I will keep blogging from the US. Grosse Pointe is always fun, going to Florida and may visit my mother if she ever talks to me again, and then New Orleans. All are great for interesting observations.

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