Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Home alone with no turkey and dressing. Big Daddy had to travel and here I sit. Alone.

Last year I was alone but I had good food. And a job. And I worked the day after because I had nothing else to do and the yard was on hold. That was not really voluntary. At around 10 dollars a vehicle per day for thousands of vehicles this tends to add up. Could never figure out the amount of vehicles on hand versus the fact no one was buying this shit. Why did they keep making shit no one bought?

I do remember it was hilarious though, they gave me a do-all and none of the vins were in the yard. But vins not on the sheet failed. That was a cluster and the SQ manager was pulling his hair out. Then he wanted me and my guy to fix them. Nu-huh, you never proved it was my fault dude. My boss said we would help you out and find 'em. Not fix 'em. Then I thought he would cry. And it was like 17 degrees F in that yard that day with high wind conditions. As I recall this was not officially "finished" as an issue until I came back from China and had to negotiate the end. And no one ever found root cause. I call bullshit on that one. Someone knew and would not talk. Could have been them, could have been us. So final corrective action was vehicle no longer produced, use certified repair procedure from engineering that does not work. God I loved my job.

Big Daddy got me new shampoo from the hair salon at the Port-o-mon for "volume". At least my hair is not stuck to my head today.

Shemp came and used electrical tape on the shower thingy and even left BD the rest of the roll as this is not a good fix. We think he may be ordering a replacement but who knows. He could be ordering more electrical tape.

Ok, gotta get ready to leave. Just found out I am not "going" home. I am visiting home. Hmmm. If it works out like everything else those in Detroit will probably see me on the news. At least my hair will look Ok, and I got that new eye "sucking up the bags" gel. I could be the cutest one in jail.

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