Saturday, November 27, 2010

Get outta that safe box, eat fish

Well, I finally got out of the apartment again. Had to get the roots done. Hair thing.

Big Daddy for some reason kept talking about cooking dinner. I am like, dude you really don't seem like ya wanna cook here. He is like no really, I wanna cook. Okay, so he is cooking.

Elevator to downstairs. Another couple talking, she says she really wants a diet coke and does not know where to find one. HEllO, there is a McDonalds across the street. In ordinary conversation asked her how long she has been here. Two years. And she said no one talks to her either. I want to try to make friends with someone who cannot find a McDonalds in two years?

Went shopping for chachi shit to take home and found some great alpaca silk yarn for Punkin head to take to his aunt. Nice stuff, said to use big needles. Went to see Amay and met my second Isreali dude. They really have a different take on things and he told me visiting Israel and Tel Aviv right now is no problem.

Went to the wet market with my letter from Amay about the fish with no head or tail or big bone.

Bought a present for Punkin Head in the wet market and then I wandered down to the fish dudes. Got some gorgeous prawns and the guy cleaned them. BD got the fish and this was a big deal. I guess we are the only people in Shanghai that do not want the head and the skin and the bones. This caused the fish lady some dismay. She was actually horrified and insisted we take home the skin. That was not optional and it was a condition of taking the fish home.

Bought my usual veggies and bought some turnips and cauliflower from a vendor I did not know and some guy came up and thumped my shoulder and gave me a thumbs up. Don't know if the guy had better shit or he was someone's relative.

So we are home cooking and we will see what tomorrow brings. Guess this is our Thanksgiving dinner.

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