Monday, November 8, 2010

Weird Weekend

Punkin Head made me laugh Sunday. I think that is bad when you are surprised you laughed and can't remember the last time it happened. I think Big Daddy and I have been here too long. I know I have. If we have to continue living in China we are both going to have to get out of Dodge more often. From the conversations he has had with other ex-pats it does not sound like the wives do real well here. Divorces and living on different continents is more the norm. I think only the rich ones with cars and drivers and "the company network" have better retention rates with the wives, probably because they have more pressure to stay.

Also cleaning after the ayi's is really getting on my nerves. So is their habit of having loud phone conversations while they are pretend cleaning. And living without my stuff is really pissing me off. Especially since I am freezing. BD admits men are ok with a microwave and little else. I find myself lusting for my own dishwasher and a normal washer and dryer.

Clothing update is not good. Marks&Spencer robe and nightgown shrunk at the first washing. And I hung it to dry. And I got my not very warm suede jacket back from the cleaners. Since the jacket was a deal of the day Dennis Basso purchase from QVC, the cleaning and repair was as much as I paid for the coat. And it should not have needed repair for as little as I wore it. By the way--made in China. And the color faded.

Food update is better. The veggies from the wet market worked out well and Sunday afternoon I made stew type food. I would not eat it, buy BD said it was good. It was better than just throwing away food and we got gaunji. The tv remote control broke, could not turn up the volume to hear Anderson. Shemp comes up and after fucking with it for awhile mimes to us he is taking it. So when he came back and had the tv squared away we gave him an aluminium pan full of stew. He was happy. Then BD took another container down to the front desk guy. He actually said gaunji and was very happy. He pulled a double and told BD this morning, in pantomine of course, that the stew was great. The reason I would not eat it by the way is I put onions and tomato in the pot and cannot stand cooked onions and tomato. But they had to be used and BD likes them. Yuck.

Going to Shenzhen Wednesday if the passport comes back and I won't have to walk to Hong Kong anymore if things work out properly. Have to start planning the trip home. And maybe when I get there Punkin Head will make me a cheese soofle. That was the joke, you had to be there.

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