Monday, November 8, 2010

Uh Oh, or This is just not right.

Well, we have a little snafu here. I told Big Daddy when he decided we should go for the new passport and Chinese Visa here in China we would be cutting it close. Between the October holiday and his travel, plus arranging all the appointments, this project has not been easy. And now I am in trouble. I did not walk to Hong Kong on time. And I mentioned this to BD on a few occasions. He kept telling me it was OK. NOT. Now I am illegal. And there may be a possible fine attached to this little fiasco.

Well I know I will be flying this week, just don't know where I will be headed.

Well mine is not the only snafu according to the China Daily. It seems that China set up some goals for conservation of energy. To meet those goals they have an unusual plan. They shut off the electricity in the areas that have used too much energy. And the people that like having electric power developed their own plan. Diesel generators. It is kinda like living in places in the US that tends to lose electricity once in a while. You know, keep the fridge and a couple lights running. Maybe the tv if you are a fanatic or the big game is on. But the difference between China and the US on this issue:

1, we do this for temporary and extreme situations in most cases.

2, we have a decent supply of diesel fuel. And I believe kerosene.

So, now China has vast areas without diesel fuel for the vehicles and tons of diesel fumes from generators in the atmosphere, but they are not using too much electricity. Which makes perfect sense if you came from the automotive industry. Kind of reminds me of home and going to crazy meetings. Crazy meetings are the meetings where you look around to see how many of the people are actually crazy. It is usually the majority.

This situation and solution also tells me that China is becoming an innovative society.

Another innovation and a vindication of my personal feelings, phony work visas for Filipina maids. It is my understanding the mainland Chinese citizens cannot employ foreigners as household help. But once again the China Daily has come through with the earth shattering news that Chinese ayis are not up to par. Rich people prefer the Filipina maid's work ethic and attitude. And I bet they are not on their cell phones all day long.

Well, I better pack as I am going somewhere. And I should get dressed. If I was flying to New Orleans no one would think twice if I arrived in my nightgown with a hat, but in Detroit or Shenzhen I might get some curious stares. Detroiters don't wear nighties with their hats and the Chinese do not wear hats with their nighties.

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