Friday, February 4, 2011

I cannot find the red underpants

It is quite the legend here that wearing red underpants for Chinese New Year is lucky. Just how long do they wear those suckers. I am longing for a picture of the UV sanitized red underpants hanging for all to see, and there are no freshly washed underpants to photograph. Hmmm.

And the Dr. lied to me. It is not a 20 minute walk to Xitandi. We strolled last night and after 30 minutes and being lost we grabbed a taxi and Big Daddy said, Xitandi. I thought we were going home. So a block and a half later we get to Xitandi. Guy made a killing on the taxi minimum and I tipped him 3 RMB for Happy New Years.

BD wanted dinner and we wandered looking for the restaurants. Could not find them and the one we did find was closed. After asking 4 people for directions that swore they spoke English. So we went home and made dinner, dirty rice with poblamo peppers. And we watched more of the Treme series we bought for cheap here.

We did buy new movies from the lady with the dog, Life As We Know It, Secretariat, and You Again. Woohoo, how much fun can you have. 3 out of 4 movies get thrown away and 2 out of 3 are not watched for more than 10 minutes. And those are the ones that turn out to really be in English.

Oh, and my bartender came back from her hometown and told us her mother had dog meat for the meal and her brother was pissed because it was not fresh. Okay. I asked her what kind of dog and she did not know. They also had chicken and I guess maybe that is how you judge the fresh aspect, ya gotta look Fido in the eye first.

Gotta get dressed and look for some red underpants, this is now a mission.

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