Monday, February 28, 2011

Lets give it a try:

Hooray!  The year of the Rabbit.

I am too embarrassed to tell you how I figured out how to post pictures again.

This is the lobby of the Best Western in Shenzhen decorated for the Lunar New Year.

Oh, well does not want let me post another pic so I will have to practice.

If I had known I could do this I should have taken pictures of the awful Toad in the hole from my last post. It was disgusting.

Or I could have taken a picture of the French dip we made from scratch-braised on the stove top for about 7 hours. It was wonderful.

It is somewhat back to normal here, CNN only goes out about every hour, Internet only goes out for a few seconds at a time. It is a pain but not as bad as going out for hours. Although I am now out of reading material and bad movies. I hate it when I am out of books.

Frenchy went home and BD told me why he was so upset about shitting like a dog. He had intestional issues. No one told him not to drink the water. WTF. Seems BD and Frenchy went to the break room together and he filled up his cup from the sink and BD screamed something like ARE YOU CRAZY???  Then the dude has the nerve to say he wondered why such a nice hotel had a sign in the bathroom not to drink the water. Don't you think you might question your co-workers about this? Hmm, don't drink the water only at the very nice hotel? Did he just think everyone was a water snob with the plastic bottles? Of course, the crazy wine probably did not help either.

Finally found a great French restaurant for home delivery. Most everything has been great and they have profiteroles with ice cream and decent chocolate. Desserts are hard to find here that are tasty. And not green. We have had so much duck the last couple weeks I am starting to quack.

BD found this place to order meats and even dinner (more duck) and now the guy is negotiating to see if he can get andoulle (sp) sausage shipped here. If not he is going to get his chef to make it on a smoker he is going to get, I am so damn excited. Normal sausage maybe. Damn.

Well, still foggy, smoggy, and cold. We had a nice day on Saturday and that was that. Well I need to practice with the pictures, so bye for now.

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