Monday, February 21, 2011

Sometimes it feels like I am in a Harry Potter movie

You know, the one who must not be named. Yepper not a lot to say on the subject except things are not as usual here. If you could ever call this place usual. But why in the hell would you pick Mickey D's and Starbuck as a base for anything. Bad burgers and over-priced coffee do not a statement make.

On-line for the moment and just expect the unexpected at any moment.

Big Daddy heard my tears yesterday and kept asking if he could order me dinner to make it better and finally I had to say, there is no Internet dude how do you think they will get the order? Toad in the hole from the freezer will have to do. Let you know when I eat it as I did have some food left.

Whoops just lost half my post, must be time to sign off.

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