Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Traveleling Again Part 2

Just noticed all my dates are one behind again. WTF and no time for this right now. Got into cold and rainy Shenzhen today to find out all the trains are sold out for the near future so all new plans. Flying back to Shanghai tomorrow so Big Daddy can go to Ning Hai by himself for a week to dick around with assholes. Okay.

Maybe I will order myself a Valentines candy bar since it is obvious that is the only way I will ever see chocolate again. I never learn, if you want something get it yourself. Yep, no Valentine's Day for me.

I did confirm that China is sliding back into the dark ages since all the Expo and Asian games tourists went home. Yes we had to wear out coats to dinner in the hotel. Yes we got the automatic hot water, which I actually appreciated as holding the glass brought feeling back into my fingers. Idiot waitstaff was present and accounted for, doing everything but waiting on customers. And there were less than 4 tea leaves in my green tea that was actually both colorless and tasteless.

Living large in China.

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