Friday, February 18, 2011

Something is wrong with the Internet

Either the sun flares or the Great Wall, not sure. Huge problems this week.

Home alone and laughing at Big Daddy's report on the French dude and his reaction to his first visit to China and his visit to the shithole town they are working in this week.

He does not like the whirly twirly dinners that take hours. This is where they put a lot of food on a lazy susan in the middle of the table and everyone sticks their nasty chopsticks in and gets their food. Yep, no serving utensils.

He does not like having to shit like a dog in the factory toilets, this is the ceramic hole in the floor.

He does not like that their is no heat. And the dock bay doors are left open for a nice breeze. The Chinese lady that works for the company is fond of telling everyone how "it" is a great Chinese tradition for 2000 years. He asked her why they couldn't figure out how to turn on the heat for 2000 years.

Hilarious part is he planned this trip with no input and wanted to act the big shit and now he is stuck there no matter what as there is no way out with the students on the trains. I used to love it when people came to visit and acted the smartass and I just let them fall in the hole and stood there and watched. But my people could always leave.

BD said the government shut the electricity off 3 times today. I told him to call me when the Frenchy starts to whimper.

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