Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Antiques Market

Or as I call it, more shitty junk than you have seen before, gathered together in one dusty place sold by people that actually believe their crap is your decorating dream.

They also have every insect and critter you have ever imagined. And they sell cages for them. Cages for things that look like roaches. WTF. Do they have obedience class for huge bugs?

95% of everything there is phony shit. Some of it nice phony shit but phony. The real shit is in mostly bad condition and very expensive. Very few musical instruments and Victrola and pianos, poor condition, toy cars, metal, in such bad condition it was not believable, and old leather luggage that maybe could be salvaged if you were a dedicated preservationist.

I got a phony Ming vase about 3 feet tall and silk robes for me and Big Daddy. You get a first sale of the day discount and a "have a Chinese friend" discount, and a live in Shanghai discount. Which amounts to how willing are you to walk away discount. You can get the same discount anywhere.  Oh, and my lucky number is 3, not a popular lucky number for tradespeople.

Got invited to spend bucks to attend a charity event for phony Chinese orphans. They are not really orphans, they have mothers who killed their husbands for spousal abuse. The Chinese government puts them in prison and then the children are quasi-orphans as the government pretty much kicks them under the bus. This is a Danish charity I think, still have to read the information. So as you can see the social life is picking up for us.

The charity lady I met has orange hair as she used some Chinese hair dye she found in her living quarters. Reminds me I need a hair appointment.

We have a missing steak knife which is kinda bad as you are supposed to sign for those because of all the stabbings. Now, we did not sign for this knife but I will feel bad every time I read about a new stabbing.

Really creepy ad on CNN for Asiana airlines with a hostess covering up a sleeping guy with some wild gleam in her eye. Don't think I will fly with them.

OK, need some spa time and need to check out my new lighted 5X makeup mirror. Got it by asking the co-worker from  hubby's job to search for one. It is quite unusual here and after looking at mine she is ordering one for herself. I am a trend setter. Who knew.

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