Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yucky Thursday

Finally might be normal from the jet lag.

Ayi's were here and did the usual half-assed job. Asked them to call the laundry to pick up a shirt. After 15 minutes of the ayi on the phone I got a call from someone on the house phone. He wanted to know what I was complaining about this time. Hmmm. Told him I had no laundry bag to send out my shirt. Fuckhead.

Very cold and dreary today.

Someone asked me for a linked-in response, a person that I actually know and worked with-so working this now and trying to firm up my potential new job.

Started putting my laundry out on the balcony with the new spring weather, when I put the underwear out I will post a pic.

Internet still spotty but I got to watch the latest episode of Modern Family, still waiting to see DWTS. And waiting for my new make-up mirror.

Off to Amazon for new books, have 9 left that I want to read, 4 left half read or don't want to really read, no new magazines.

Oh yes, Punkin Head called and the internship of his dreams, good going sweet boy.

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