Monday, April 18, 2011

Partial Recovery

 Home since Friday evening and not up to par yet. We went for a walk Saturday morning and it was very chilly. All unpacked and put away and have the summer clothes in the closet and the  winter stuff packed away. Now some laundry is in order.

The new ayi's came this morning on time and did not fuck up. We will see how long this lasts. Big Daddy did a lot of cleaning while I was gone and it is looking nicer in here.

Have to call a man about a job and I am trying to decide, do it before or after the nap. We will see in a bit how fast I fade.

Flight home was fine and Delta is as fucked up as ever. They should just paint SO WHAT on the sides of the plane and leave it at that.

Something curious happened while I was gone, they rebuilt the coffee shop. I know I am a crazy white furriner but why the hell do you build a coffee shop and 8 months later tear it out and rebuild it? This time tho they did build an outside deck. No change to the footprint so that was not the reason. Maybe they needed some Chinese credits for hiring people or something.  Kinda reminds me of Plant Loco but Plant Loco redid everything 3 times minimum.

Taxi driver from the Pudong airport was hilarious, I told him to slow down a couple times and he kept telling me May Quanch (sp) which roughly translates to no problem, no big deal. By the time I gave him the final directions to the apartment he was peeing his pants laughing. He got a good tip for the humor alone.

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