Saturday, April 30, 2011

Big Daddy's Birthday

I usually get BD cuff links for his birthday as he loves to wear them. Back home I would scour the stores and EBay for months. Well that is not possible here so I have scoured the tourist traps. Found one pair that was not bad but she wanted 175 US dollars for dodgy goods and did not say shit when I walked away. She reminds me of the lady with the decorative green glass jars on Taikang Lu who still has her overpriced shit too. I did find some acceptable ones in the rabbit warren and the guy was willing to deal. BD was with me and he liked this pair of star Sapphire, really dark black color and I found a pair that are some silver colored metal. I worked the deal down to 75 bucks including a cute wallet I found for The Lady. And guess what? The one pair of cuff links is stamped Bulgari, I swear I almost punched the guy when he pointed this out, who the fuck thinks this is really Bulgari.

The only potted plants in the plant hole were Bonsai and I am not going there.

BD deep cleaned the back balcony and it is quite pleasant there now but we need some plants. Have not seen the plant cart man this year.

I am working on a new soup recipe with pork and ginger, we will see.

Need to go to the fruit market so see ya later, found some Florida grapefruit for 1.50 US and it was pretty good.

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