Tuesday, August 20, 2013

He tried to kick me under the bus but all the tires were flat

My Cone flowers on the side are as pretty as ever.

My days are busier and busier and stranger and stranger.

Recently the people answering my questions seem to be spending most of their time in an opium den.

The Ginger Man returned from his vacation and he is so jolly I am certain he was actually in the looney bin and is now highly medicated.

Newton Newbie is fine as the Scrooge is on vacation this week and he feels confident no one else is so mean as to take what is left of his skin off.

Alas, we were not allowed to stretch the parts as no one had the balls to give the approval. Oh well, it is gonna be just as ugly on Monday.

Sammy has been moved from the kitchen prison to the bathroom prison and I think it is working out quite well. He does not agree, but I am bigger and smarter.

My next big move is a visit to the bookstore. I do not have enough time at work to check email much less see what is on Amazon. This has to slow down soon, I need some break time.

Oh yea, the title of the post-some yee haw tried to tell Materials that I messed up all the parts stretching them and he is now short half the build. What the asshat does not know is that I don't breathe without checking with Materials, and they all know I cannot replace any parts due to tooling changes. Mr. Asshat is in deep trouble right now. Will let you know who cries next.

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